Created for our great friends, Sydney marketing company, Tower Brands.

The website built for Tower Brands includes a multilingual website translation component allowing them to create pages specific to different regions and languages of their target market including English, Chinese and Korea.

Within the website (which ranks well for geo-targeted keywords like “marketing companies”) are several campaign specific landing pages for pay per click advertising campaigns.

Also included within the website are various pages for A/B slit testing for conversion rate optimisation (CRO). This CRO is part of a continual improvement based on user behaviour on key web pages.

A key element of the development project was a super fast page load speed. Without compromising the website appearance we achieved average page load speeds of less than 3 seconds from locations of Australia and North America and Asia.

The brief included a requirement for strong onsite search engine optimisation and a simple to use navigation for the site given the large number of pages for different locations and the range of services available within each.

A visually appealing portfolio showcase also features as part of the website, alongside a marketing and branding news and information section.

Important for the deployment was the selection of a suitable web host that gave fast load times for the website and that allowed for fast access without the use of a content distribution network within mainland China, a key market for the company.